A young designer twisted a technique typically used in mattress production to create a knitting 3D fabric collection

The young designer Borre Akkersdijk who graduated from Design Academy Eindhoven in 2011, created a collection of 3D knit garments. He worked with Innofa, a Dutch textile factory, producing multi-dimensional quilted fabrics for mattresses when he got the idea to hijack the process to built a garment collection.

A giant knitting machine produces tubes of fabric with seam allowances that are pattern components ready to be sewn

To produce the 3D fabric collection, the clothes were built on a sort of giant knitting machine. The knitter produces tubes of fabric with seam allowances that are pattern components ready to be sewn. The ready to be sewn fabric pattern components are also padded as it is knitted with a “filler thread” that gives it its volume.

A screenshot from Borre Akkersdijk's 3D Knitting video collaboration with TextielLab.

A soulful collection of “stuffed” garments padded with a filler thread

Borre Akkersdijk 3D fabric collection result is a range of “puffed” garments, including several trousers, tunics and jackets, a cape and a parka. The fabric’s patterns were inspired from a kilim rug, which had belonged to Borre Akkersdijk’s beloved aunt, who recently died.

Video produced by TextielLab

Pictures: screenshots of the TextielLab video

Borre Akkersdijk, Knitting 3d patterns from robertanderson on Vimeo.

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