Los Angeles-May 22nd

FashionLab is launching a new 3D Fashion Experience in Los Angeles

A Digital Showcase organized by FashionLab in collaboration with the Couture Designer Julien Fournié, partner of FashionLab will be held in Los Angeles on May 22nd.

This 3D Fashion Experience, on a specific Fashion sub-segment that will be revealed next week (stay tuned!)  is a vision of the future and a concrete illustration of the evolution of the research projects driven by FashionLab.
During this event, you will be able to discover and experiment future concepts for Designers in their creation process as well as future concepts for Consumers to enjoy new shopping experiences.

A unique and innovative Experience 

The showcase will demonstrate through different illustrations and prototypes, the power of 3D and digital experience from designers to consumers

Save the date and register now. You are our guest!

If you are:

– A member of a Fashion & Retail Companies, decision maker
– A Designer or part of a Design Studio
– A Fashion or Geek blogger
Working in the fashion industry and having an interest to new technologies

And if you will be around the beautiful LA area on May 22nd… be our guest!

FashionLab by Dassault Systèmes is pleased to invite you to its Networking Event in Los Angeles for the launch of a unique and innovative 3D Fashion Experience. Do not forget to register on-line – Register Now

Come and discover technology showcases that you can experience hands on for designers and consumers with the exclusive presence of the Couture designer Julien Fournié.

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Visit the Event website to get further information : http://www.3ds.com/events/fashionlab

To know more about us: http://fashionlab.3ds.com/about-fashionlab/

To know more about our designers: http://fashionlab.3ds.com/stylist/julien-fournie/

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