The very first 100% digitally designed footwear collection realized by French Designer Julien Fournié has just been revealed, on July 8th, during the Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week. To stage this 3D collection, FashionLab, Julien Fournié and Strategies (Romans CAD) connected to create a magic design story.

A digital footwear collection

Julien Fournié first capsule footwear collection was initially unveiled during a 3D fashion experience in May in Los Angeles. (Remember our previous articles on the topic). To make this digital collection happen, FashionLab and Julien Fournié have partnered with the French editor Strategies, to use the 3D software suite Romans CAD©™ (RCS) and realize the look of the collection, from the very first sketch on a tablet to the final 3D design.

JF 3D Sketching3

Simplification of the Design process

New technologies such as digitalization, virtualization and interactivity are now essential trends in the footwear industry, and specifically in the design process. Julien was enthusiastic to use Romans CCAD to create his footwear collection understanding how it could help him as a designer in his creation process. By using Romans CAD, he had the opportunity not only to draw and simulate his models in 3D, but to mix colors and materials, make assembly with his 3D sole, and optimize his creations. Very simple to use and incredibly intuitive, his first digital sketching experience with Romans CAD was almost as easy as using a pen and a piece of paper!

JF 3D Sketching1

A user friendly Sketching app

As partner of the FashionLab on this project, Romans CAD apps has demonstrated strong capabilities in terms of user friendly 3D sketch, 3D modeling, solving all the details of a 3D Upper design as: smooth curves, extract parts, stitching, padding and preparation for 3D printing. And this philosophy is completely aligned with our approach at the FashionLab: a tool that does not require a heavy user manual and that is easy to use right the first time! This is certainly why today more than 1200 designers around the world are using Romans Cad to design their footwear collection!

JF 3D Sketching2


Pictures: Courtesy of RomansCAD


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  1. Hello. Sir
    my name in Yang. (Mechanical Engineer)
    I don’t Think Clothing design for CATIA!!!
    so, I want Clothing, Shoes design process on CATIA
    Please. Give me reply ^_^

    • Dear Yang,
      Thank you for your interest.
      For any professional inquiries, you can email us via our contact address.
      You can found this address on our website, in the homepage top right hand corner.
      See you soon

  2. Dear Sirs,

    For the fashionlab software, does it need special hardware for both designing and printing.

    Please, email me the respond.

    Thank you,

  3. Dear Faris Afifi,

    As reminder, FashionLab doesn’t provide commercialized software. We only develop prototypes for the purpose of our mission. However we cooperate in some cases for our Public showcase, with 3rd party partner software like RomansCAD suite as illustrated in that post. We have worked tightly with RomansCAD team in that case of the project to run their lovely 3D Sketcher Apps on Mobile device such as Microsoft Surface Pro V2. So in response to your question, this device would be a suitable hardware if you want to test and get such piece of the whole 3D Fashion Experience. Above the pictures are based on Wacom 24′ HD + Laptop equipped with GPU.

    Best regards

    FashionLab Team

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