Ray of Life

An original idea by Jonathan Riss, artistic director of Jay Ahr, and by FashionLab, Dassault Systèmes technology incubator for fashion. Ray of Life is a visual and sonic film-installation, an immersive experience.

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Early steps of the project

Ray of life was born of a meeting between actors from the worlds of fashion, art and technology: the fashion designer, Jonathan Riss, the technology incubator, FashionLab, the American filmmaker, Asa Mader, the sound architects of Soundwalk, and the top model Carmen Kass. 

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Create new experience for the consumer

One of the goals of the  FashionLab is to use 3D technology to develop new experiences for consumers. Jonathan Riss, artistic director of  Jay Ahr House, is pushing the barriers of what can be done in fashion, leveraging his own great creativity and the technological power of FashionLab.
As part of Dassault Systèmes’ focus on considering the needs of the final consumers, FashionLab, through the Ray of Life, helps bring fashion designers closer to their customers.

Through this immersive Experience, FashionLab allows to develop new experiences for consumers, and open the door to new usages of the 3D and virtual worlds.


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FashionLab at the heart of Ray of Life

This project is merge of technology, fashion, art and luxury. FashionLab thought about the whole project and was the vehicle to conceptualize, to convert and to produce the Immersive Experience. Ray of life is the first immersive consumer project for the fashion world.

35 square meters of screens diffuse a concerto of images, combining filmed sequences with virtual 3D shots. Immersed in a dreamlike journey, the spectator becomes the actor of a rebirth.

FashionLab conceived the whole project in 3D, by designing and testing virtually the project before it became real, with virtual images and simulation software program.


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“FashionLab is changing the design and consumer experience scenario in the fashion industry,” said Jérôme Bergeret, Director, FashionLab, Dassault Systèmes

“Our mission is to introduce 3D technology earlier in the design process and to enable new experiences for consumers, combined with new collaboration and communication tools that respond to the needs and demands of the fashion system. The immersive experience in Florence is clearly illustrating and explaining what we mean.”





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