Katia Vega, a computer scientist at the Pontifical Catholic University in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, has developed iMake-up and false eyelashes coated with conductive metal and conducting eyes shadow that complete a very low voltage circuit when she blinks. The low voltage allows actions like lighting LEDs or controlling gadgets. “Blinking is sensed via the conductive eye-shadow and the information can be sent to a circuit inside a headband, perhaps activating something via an infrared beam,” Vega says. “The trick is to only accept exaggerated, voluntary winks longer than half a second – the circuit does not respond to involuntary eye blinks”.

Metallic make-up lets you control gadgets

Vega’s demonstrated her “beauty technology”  in front of a astonished audience to take a miniature drone to the air, and to activate a LED display worn on her head in UK at the University of St Andrews, on October 10th, during the Interactive Tabletops and Surfaces conference.  “We use voluntary movements to amplify intentions – using our body as a new input device,” she says.  The aim of this innovative (and zany) technology is “to provide an alternative way to make quick micro-interactions – like those possible with wearable computers like Google Glass”. With this technology, taking a picture could be done literally with a wink.



Although no deals have been signed yet, Vega is in negotiation with big cosmetics companies who are interested about exploiting her idea commercially.  She is still doing research on the same ultra wearable technologies as she is developping false fingernails with hidden RFID tags that can be used for example, to open electric doors!

Via : NewScientist

Picture Credit: Beauty Technology


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