FashionLab and JAY AHR

In November 2011, we launched the FashionLab, a technology incubator dedicated to fashion designers. Jonathan Riss, Artistic Director of the JAY AHR Brand, is one of FashionLab’s ambassadors. By working with the FashionLab, Jonathan Riss is pushing the boundaries of what is possible in fashion design.

Together with Dassault Systèmes engineers, Jonathan has been working on different projects around Jewelries and embroideries. Those projects were focused on helping him in his design process, collaboration practice and conception phase.


Reveal of “Ray of Life”

FashionLab and JAY AHR are collaborating on a new approach, a new way of using 3D and virtual worlds to provide consumers with an EXPERIENCE.

“Ray of Life” is an Immersive Experience which will enable the guests to live the outlook of a woman in a travel around the world.

Where and when?

During the “Firenze4Ever”organized by Luisaviaroma (June 15 to 18) and during Pitti Uomo (June 19 to 22), FashionLab and JAY AHR will reveal “Ray Of Life”.

It will take place in Piazza Strozzi, in Firenze and be opened from June 15 to June 22.


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