Ray of Life is an invitation to a virtual journey imagined by Jonathan Riss (creative director and founder of the luxury brand Jay Ahr), conceived by FashionLab of  Dassault Systèmes, supported by retailer Luisa Via Roma and directed by filmmaker Asa Mader.

Movie extract shot from inside ‘the pod’ in Firenze

One of the goals of the  FashionLab is to use 3D technology to develop new “experiences” for consumers and to bring fashion designers closer to their customers.  

As part of Dassault Systèmes’ focus on considering the needs of the final consumers, FashionLab help bring fashion designers closer to their clients.

In this project, FashionLab was the Vehicle to conceptualized, translate & produce live the First Consumer Immersive Experience project for the Fashion World under the Artistic Direction of Jonathan Riss.



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