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We have announced this Monday that Jonathan Riss, artistic director of the JAY AHR House, one of our ambassador, has been selected as a 2012 Top Innovator by Apparel Magazine.

By working with our team of engineers, Jonathan Riss is creating luxurious embroidery and jewelry that is intricate and innovative and created in a way that is more environmentally conscious than traditional methods.

JAY AHR Jewelry

Innovative Design


Using our 3D Design software, our ambassador is experimenting with new materials, such as colored glass or satin finish, as well as new color mixtures for the JAY AHR High Fine Jewelry collection. By crafting his jewelry and embroidery digitally in a 3D life-like environment, he is able to collaborate with his global team and test the feasibility and functionality of his designs using virtual prototypes.

JAY AHR Embroideries

This process not only reduces the amount of waste generated in the production of physical prototypes, but cuts down on the cost of multiple iterations. Rendering his designs as 3D virtual prototypes enables Riss to reduce the time it takes to finalize his designs and get them to the manufacturer.

JAY AHR Jewelry

FashionLab and JAY AHR partnership


“Using 3D software has revolutionized my approach to design,” said Riss. “By designing virtually, I’m able to knock down the barriers of cost and practicality that typically constrain the creative process. The benefits of integrating technology and fashion – reducing limitations, cutting costs and saving time – are far-reaching, and I’m honored that Apparel has recognized my work with FashionLab to make that union a reality.”


Apparel Magazine Top Innovator award


The Apparel Magazine Top Innovator award, now in its fifth year, recognizes 35 innovative apparel retailers, brands, manufacturers and strategic business partners for their exceptional IT-related implementations, product launches and other outstanding business strategies that are changing the industry. Jonathan Riss will be featured alongside other top apparel companies in the May “Innovator” special issue of Apparel Magazine.




As you may know by following us on our website, we at FashionLab, combine Dassault Systèmes’ product design and development technology tailored to the needs of fashion designers and retailers. We are targeted towards designers of all kinds – from haute couture and leather goods to watches and accessories – as well as fashion retailers.
We are working on a next generation of solutions that will enable designers to do everything from crafting a product and simulating its materials and interactions with everyday objects, to visualizing how it will look after production.



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