Nike has introduced a new concept in athletic footwear technology that tracks performance, improves sports training.

This summer the swooch’s brand is expanding its line of wearable technologic products with two new shoes: Nike+ Training and Nike Hyperdunk+.

Every step becomes another statistic to prove and improve your game.

The Nike+ Training and Nike Hyperdunk+, a Basketball shoes, are embedded with pressure sensors in the sole that track intensity and every movement. The collected datas is then wirelessly transmitted in real time to your phone through the Nike+ interactive application, letting you know exactly how intense you train, or how high, how quick and how hard you play.

Everyone can be your challengers : The whole world is your playground

The main point of this technology is obviously to improve your training, but also to share your workouts metrics with other Nike’s users.  Your progress gets rewarded and your datas can be compared with your teammates, competitors or stangers, all over the world, who are users of the Nike+ App.

Nike+ Training and Nike Hyperdunk+ will be available June 29, 2012


Picture and Video Credits : Nike



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