Today, Tuesday September 24 2013, just started the ready-to-wear Fashion week in Paris!

During 9 full days, various famous brands will give fashion shows across the wonderful French capital.

Did you know? In Paris, Capital of fashion, there is only 3 official fashion weeks! There is the Haute Couture fashion week, the Ready-to-wear fashion week,  and the men’s collection fashion week. They are organized by the French federation of Couture and ready-to-wear. Only a few members are allowed to be part of the official calendar. All other fashion weeks and/or fashion shows, not listed in the official calendar are actually aside the official fashion week, organized by third parties. Our partner Julien Fournié is not part of the ready-to-wear fashion week calendar but the Haute-Couture Fashion week, as a guest member. His next fashion show will be in January 2014… we have to wait!

To look at the official  calendar, visit this website :

To watch the shows live, go here :




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