Summer Edition

4th of July essential accessorize

I mean just after the BBQ the fireworks AND the sand free beach bag… This beach/camping CGear multirug allows small dirt particles and sand to fall through its bottom while the rings to secure the mat into the ground allows you to relax without having to check about the wind that turn your towel over and all your belongings being flipped over in the sand! If only they could add other colors to make it a little be more  classy fashionable… Oh wait! It’s summer. And since bright orange is one of the color of the season… Well, I’m not even on vacation but totally sold! cgear-giant-sandless-beach-mat-xl


  • Patented dual layer mesh technology
  • Makes Sand, Dirt and Dust disappear!
  • UV Stabilizer prevents fading
  • Heavy Duty D-Rings
  • “Rip-stop” Technology
  • Many Sizes, 6X6, 8X8, 10X10 & more!
You’ll found the CGear Sand-Free Multimat from $33 on Amazon



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  1. That is AWESOME! I luv’it. And it’s not a prototype neither crazy expensive. I LOVE it!!! Thank you


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