When Wearable Technology Goes to the Hospital

This easily washable piece of wearable tech isn’t haute couture, but is packed with state-of-the-art-technology and could revolutionize medicine. Researchers at the “Universidad Carlos III” in Madrid have developed an intelligent hospital shirt that can monitor and register a number of the patient’s physiological parameters in a non-intrusive manner, including temperature, heart rate, etc.  The gown can also locate a patient within a two-meter margin of error. Completely wireless, it can pinpoint a patient’s location and tell a doctor whether the patient is sitting, standing, lying down, walking or running. “The information gathered by an intelligent t-shirt using e-textile technology is sent, without using wires, to an information management system, which then shows the patient’s location and vital signs in real time”, explain the UC3M researchers. “The system is designed to be used in hospitals and can be divided into two parts: the fixed infrastructure, which would be pre-installed in the hospital, and the mobile units, which would move with the patients.”

Sensor and t-shirt    

The technology could also be applied in other areas, such as applications involving early diagnosis or telemedicine

The madrilene university claims in its press release: “With slight modifications, the prototype can also be applied in other areas, such as applications involving early diagnosis of cardiac anomalies in athletes, or for telemedicine, to monitor patients in [their] homes, thus reducing the time they must remain admitted to the hospital.”  The gown can also be configured to alert the doctor if some of the patient parameters are abnormal.

Pictures Credit: UC3M


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