Summer Series

Perfect for the summer and named Sterling Jacket, this lightweight outfit made by ScotteVest can store all men’s things.

Combination of good look and function, the jacket is engineered with 24 pockets

The SeV Sterling Jacket features a crazy number of 24 pockets to store anything a man would actually carry for its journey. From keys, to wallet to glasses, to Smartphone or iPad/tablets of any size… it seems anything could be stored inside the jacket…  Smartphones can also be used from inside the pockets thanks to the special ClearTouch material.


Technology, design and security

All the pockets are based on the SeV’s Weight Management Mechanism and are made with RFID blocking material. The outfit itself is made with a blend of nylon, cotton and Teflon fabric protective coating for stain-resistance. This classic yet fashionable lightweight jacket also features removable sleeves to adapt a (not so fashionable!) vest shape, and is available in a choice of 5 colors for $150 on ScotteVest website.



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